Hamsterdam Hill

"Charming, in A Deadly Sort of Way"

The city of the hill welcomes you home. Hamsterdam Hill, founded in 2014. 

Henry Harrington was on the run again. He knew it would happen, just not this soon.

In his head he weaved between the trees like a jaguar. He knew any onlooker would liken it more to a drunk bison, but he didn't care. He was free. Free from public ridicule, federal prosecution, and the threat of imitators. Finally he and his revolutionary invention would be safe; he was now somewhere far away from civilization.

Here in the deep backwoods he would be able to start a new land with none of the restraints traditional society shackled to him. 

The former billionaire, genius, and inventor of the 'Hamster Hand' founded a country where other misfits were welcome. He called it 'Hamsterdam Hill' and it is a damn fine place. This is the website of that place, a portal into a land defined by its people, no matter how many genetic defects they may have. Feel free to explore, comment, and pass along the word of this great yet mystifying place. 


Mark Volinski



Great guy, but mildly uncomfortable at how much he is supposed to enjoy cupcakes. Why do you always have to act like they're fucking fantastic? It's a fucking cupcake get over yourself. 


President and Founder

Kevin Cowan



Haikus are simple

But sumtimes they don't make sense

Hey look, a Panda!


Webmaster and Master of Webs

Alex Wright 



He doesn't even go here