Hamsterdam Hill

"Charming, in A Deadly Sort of Way"

The city of the hill welcomes you home. Hamsterdam Hill, founded in 2014. 

Town Guide



Harrington Park

Site of the bloody battle of Hamsterdam Hill, in which Mayor Harrington's Hamster Horde overwhelmed Crazy Carl's Corn Clan to seize control of the territory. 


Hamsterdam Hill Statehouse

Where the Ham Hill Legislature meets once every three months for a total of twenty minutes, at a taxpayer cost of $31 million. 


Mayor Harrington's Palace


With construction taking place from 1837-2014, it's the only structure on earth built exclusively by rodents. 


Hamsterdam Home

Long term mental health rehabilitation facility, primarily housing victims of local neurosurgeon Larry Hapsburg's "Hey you! Yes you! Hand me your brain!" campaign, including Hapsburg himself. 


Bigfoot's Celebrity Steakhouse

Closed recently for egregious health violations, the steakhouse still attracts thousands of tourists each year. Many of them perish attempting to get the owner's autograph.


Old Cotter's Farm

Famous for housing the only semi-intelligent chicken, the farm is to be approached with extreme caution due to Old Cotter's habit of shooting most moving things on sight.


Thingamabobs & Things

Come on in to try some of local Martian XR-83W's wares. Best experienced in the 5th and 6th dimensions.


Standard Meat

Producer of fine meats. Now open for factory tours! Standard Meat is not responsible for delicious family members lost during tours. 


Hamsterdam Hill Town Hall

Staffed entirely by ghosts, it is open year round. Please note: Strict limit of two dozen gun licenses per person.